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so I see I see this culture rotting from within okay and disembowelling itself literally now my I have an overview of why we're having this problem so I and it comes from the fact that I'm the product of an immigrant family all four of my grandparents and my mother were born in Italy so I remember from my earliest years in this factory town in upstate New York where my relatives came to work in the shoe factory I can remember still okay the the life of the agrarian era okay which we're not which which for most of human history the agrarian era where there was the world of men and the world of women and the sexes had very little to do with each other each had power and status in its own realm right and they and they laughed at each other in in essence the way the women had enormous power in fact the old women ruled not the young beautiful woman like today but the older you were the more you had control over everyone including the mating and marriage there were no doctors so that you had the you know though the old women were like midwives and knew all the ins and outs of this and inherited knowledge about pregnancy and all these other things right I can remember this in the ignition and and the joy that women had with each other all day long cooking with each other a companions to each other talking conversing my mother remembered as a small child in Italy when it was time to do the laundry they would take the laundry up the mount up the hill to the Fountain Hill sore go okay and do it by hand they would sing they would picnic and so on right and we get a glimpse of that in the Odyssey when Odysseus is is is thrown up naked on the shores of Phoenicia all right and and he hears the sound of women young women laughing and singing and it's know they are the princess bringing the women to do the laundry he's exactly the same thing so there was a each each gender had its own hierarchy its own values its own way of talking and the sex is rarely intersected like I can remember in my in childhood and a holiday typical it could be a Christmas it could be a Thanksgiving whatever all after then women would be cooking all day long everyone would sit down to eat okay and then after that okay the women were retired on master the kitchen and the men would go I would I was look at the through the window and see all the men the men wouldn't be all outside usually gather on the car okay at a time when cars didn't work as well as indir today with the hood up okay and the men would be standing with their hands on their hips like that everyone's staring at the engine and I went yeah that's how I learned okay men were we refreshing themselves by studying something technical and mechanical after being with the women okay you know for during the dinner okay so so so all of these problems of today are the direct consequence of women's emancipation and freedom from housework thanks to capitalism okay which made it possible for women to have jobs that said the home for the very first time in the 19th century no longer to be dependent on husband or father or brother right and so this great great thing that's happened to us they're allowing us to be totally accepting self-supporting independent agents has produced all this animosity about maybe between men and women because the women women feel unhappy women today wherever I go whether it's Italy or Brazil or England or America or Toronto okay the a of the upper-middle class professional women are unhappy miserable they want and they don't know what why they're unhappy they want to blame it on men okay the men must change men must become more like women no that is the wrong way to go okay it's when men are men okay and understand themselves as men are secure as men then you're going to be happier yeah well there's nothing more dangerous than a weak man absolutely okay especially all these quislings okay spouting feminists you hear that okay it makes me sick but here's the point men and women have never worked side by side ever maybe under farms okay when you were like maybe one person's in the potato field the other ones over here in the tomato when doing Tomatoes or whatever okay you had you had families working working side by side exhausted with each other no time to have it in any clash of this it was a collaborative effort on farms and so on never in all of human history have men and women been working side by side and women are now the pressure about Silicon Valley they're all so sexist oh there there's a they don't allow women in and so on the men being men in Silicon Valley all right and there should be engineers and the women are demanding that you're oh this is terrible you're being said maybe the sex is ok have their own particular form of rhetoric their own particular form you know by density okay maybe okay we need to re-examine okay this business about you know they may be we have to perhaps accept some degree of tension and conflict between the sexes okay it in a work environment I don't mean harassment I'm sorry I'm talking about women feeling disrespective yeah how some how they're with their opinions when they express them okay are not taking seriously or or that look even Hillary Clinton is complaining oh when you're moving right something online she's attacked immediately and sorry well everyone's attacked online what are you talking about the world is tough the world is competitive okay identity is hold okay by conflict the idea that there's we know conflict that we have to be in this back ok of approbation yes and you know it just


first of all what I'm calling from like the title of my book okay which is a free women free men I'm calling for an end to the sex war in feminism if women are well launched now hey so this kind of this reflex snide you know put-downs of men that are there everywhere this has got to stop now I notice you know wherever I go in the world actually that's upper middle class career women are very unhappy they're very unhappy okay even though they might they have achieved a certain status and what I'm saying is that Turner feminists have to stop blaming men for their own unhappiness the unhappiness is due I believe to huge systemic changes that women for dinner for thousands of years women had their own world there was the world of women and there was the world of men and the end of the sexes didn't have that much with each other okay this is a brand new experiment to have this new system where now women can be economically independent now they're no longer dependent on a father or husband or brother okay for the sustenance but in there working side-by-side with men in the workplace right this is an experiment it's never happened before right what I'm saying in the book that we may have to accept a certain amount of tension between the sexes in the workplace that if the femen's idea that we can just suppress men enough women will be happy I say no okay I say it's on the basis of my own experience as a child an italian-american immigrant community okay is that what women have lost is the old solidarity that they once had when they totally rule the private sphere a woman's life all day long was with other women one's multi-generational older women as well as the children right it was a huge cry bowl experience and now with women are feeling is a sense of isolation and loneliness disconnection okay from from their old function I'm not saying to go back that's not what I'm saying I'm just saying stop blaming men all right thanks for example these marches that just happened people the women were exhilarated they were they were almost hysterical I don't think it had anything to do with feminism or anti-trump or anything like that I thought it was that women suddenly felt that surge of happiness again for being with other women all right you can actually see it in the in the Odyssey when Odysseus is is washed up naked and alone he's lost his ship you know on the on the shores of Aisha and he and he wakes to the sound of girls women's voices laughing and singing and so on it's the princess not Vicki I going down to the laundry on the shore and actually that is exactly what was going on up until fairly recently where women were all together they did all the chores together they did the laundry they did the cooking I mean I can remember this from my childhood in Endicott New York of Sydney are they among the immigrant Italian women all four of my grandparents plus my mother were born in Italy that's why I actually had that experience the experience that went on for thousands of years in the agrarian era women altogether fact my mother described as a small child in Italy how all the women would get together to do the laundry and then go up the hill to else or go which was a fountain in a cut out of the side of the mountain probably went back thousands of years so the change of the roman period and so on she remembered the singing or they did you know the picnicking etc etc okay so there was a even though people were laboring physically in the agrarian era there was a happiness okay a sense of identity there was no quest for identity now it's no place for independent thinker okay you're an independent thinker you had no options as a woman except to become a nun okay so I know okay I know it would have been a nun okay 100 years ago all right I know okay and obviously you know communities are intellectually repressive you're in their own way nevertheless we're in a period now of quest for identity tremendous pressures on young people to form their own identity separate from those old automatic tribal and community affiliations I think there's a tremendous I'm as a classroom teacher you know of now you know more than four years I can see this and it's really you know there's a tremendous sense of psychological local dislocation among among young people