50 RedPill Quotes

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This are 50 red-pill quotes that you can read on a regular basis and will help you in your transformation into a bad ass red-pill alpha

  1. Desire cannot be negotiated.
  2. Your physique is a reflection of your discipline.
  3. Faint heart never fucked fair lady.
  4. Crying/sharing your pain is for women and children.
  5. young chicks assume that dudes who are nervous or are not used to dating a lot of chicks and know all the moves are somehow total creeps.
  6. You can't buy your woman's respect with food she already ate, shit, and flushed.
  7. If a girl is holding out on sex with you, it's because she's not physically aroused by you
  8. You're never going to know a woman's actual sexual history.
  9. Never chase anything but financial opportunities or liquor.
  10. Love is like a butterfly. Grab it and you will hurt it. Chase it, and it will fly away. Leave it alone and it might softly land on your hand.
  11. If you are ever having to ask yourself, or needing to ask others, "What the hell should I text this girl/respond with", or "How long should I wait to respond to this text" ....
  12. ..... or anything that requires any thinking and planning in regards to texting her, chances are, you're not her top option.
  13. The medium is the message.If she really liked you, she would make time for you.
  14. Actions speak louder than words.
  15. Rejection is better than regret.
  16. Frame is game
  17. Women would rather share a man than be saddled by a faithful beta.
  18. Acta Non Verba. ( actions, not word)
  19. Women have girlfriends and boyfriends. If you aren't fucking her, you are her girlfriend.
  20. The less fucks you give the more fucks you get.
  21. Women don’t marry for money, they divorce for it
  22. Every girl is a whore except for your sister out of ignorance and your mom out of respect.
  23. She’s not your woman, it’s merely your turn.
  24. Correction: She’s not yours, it’s just her turn.
  25. Weak men anger women.
  26. Women guard pussy, men guard commitment
  27. People only care about you when you’re powerful, or a woman.
  28. women don't want to hear you complain or about your struggles... and don't want to 'struggle with you.' they wait at the finish line and fuck the winners.
  29. Boys are born, men are made.
  30. GYM
  31. Suffer in silence
  32. I am the god of my own little world
  33. Women are fundamentally incapable of loving a man in the way that a man expects to be loved by a woman.
  34. A bitch that wastes your time is a bitch that ain't worth your time
  35. Men are romantics pretending to be realists, women are realists pretending to be romantics.
  36. You as a man are only loved under the condition that you provide something.
  37. Women are sex objects to men & men are success objects to women.
  38. Women are sex objects to men & men are success objects to women if the hot slutty girls are gonna play groupies, then I am gonna play rockstar.
  39. Women crave leadership and dominance
  40. You have to own something to make real money.
  41. Don't respond to texts right away. Take some time and let things build.
  42. Live to improve yourself and those closest to you that you care about, whether it be family or best friends. When you do that, the woman thing settles itself
  43. Mix dominance with affection.
  44. Men love with honesty, women "love" strategically
  45. The most effective way to punish women is to withdraw attention.
  46. NEVER reward bad behavior, it'll only enforce the idea that she can get away with more in the future
  47. Some women just want to meet their match.. fight wise - the guy who won't take her shit - the guy who can overpower her in those ways.